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Water Residence Bluetooth Headset


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Educate. Play. live Unleashed. teach play and live unleashed with Pump the closing multi-sport wireless headphone. 

Educate. Play. live Unleashed. teach play and live unleashed with Pump the closing multi-sport wireless headphone. A rugged military-grade design maintains water and debris out protective the top class audio components tuned to permit the beat set the pace. irrespective of how hard you pass or how hard the situations move with freedom and self assurance and let not anything limit in which the song takes you. water-proof Sweatproof Dustproof Workoutproof. Eneregize Your Audio PUMP redefines Bluetooth audio growing an audiophile-grade song revel in that cannot be matched through wi-fi competitors. We name this step forward enjoy: Energize HD Audio. ready For The hardest workout Teflon coating and Kevlar protective block water salt dust and sweat from entering the Pump making it greater rugged and longer lasting. stays On when Others permit go with Pump s Superfit gadget irrespective of how tough you pass they gained t budge. They stay with you for the duration of rigorous interest allowing you to educate and play with whole freedom and self assurance. comfort To Push via That greater Mile Pump rsquo s lightweight layout which include a smooth rubberized casing prevents chafing at the back of and in the ear throughout intense motion. mixed with ComfortSeal and focus hints that lessen listening fatigue and allow you to stay in song with your surroundings the ergonomic design provides a natural sense that compliments the pinnacle in preference to competing with it. more strength. more Freedom. With nice-in-elegance wi-fi range Pump permits you to teach untethered up to 100 ft faraway from your Bluetooth enabled tool. And with up to eight hours of non-stop battery life you are unfastened to train with out the fear of the tune preventing inside the middle of your workout. gain: Pump Play time: Up to eight hours Standby time: 2 weeks rate time: 2 hours guarantee: 365 days Watertight mesh comfy suit for severe activity unbiased audio controls Teflon and Kevlar moisture protect Micro-USB charging

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