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Trusty Cane


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Trusty Cane

This As Seen on TV faithful Cane is wondrous for people that want a bit another facilitate walking. It provides secure, reliable support on around any surface. This As Seen on TV cane options a triple tread base, which is designed to improve stability for a more natural stride wherever you go. The distinctive pivoting head permits it to move with you whereas the bottom holds its grip. This cane is foldable, that makes it simple to store and conjointly less doubtless to be loss. It even includes 3 semiconductor diode lights, permitting you to see wherever you ar going once its dark.

As Seen on TV faithful Cane:
Freedom to travel anyplace
Fold-up style
Stands au courant its own
Extra-wide, pivoting head
3 constitutional semiconductor diode lights assist you simply see your path within the dark
Requires three aortic aneurysm batteries (not included)
As seen on TV folding cane

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