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Sweet Tea


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Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is high sweetness, low calorie, sweet and refreshing. It is the result of weight loss, lowering blood macromolecule, pressure and glucose once semi permanent drinking. Additionally it will inhibit and delay the hardening of the arteries, forestall coronary cardiopathy, however can also management acidity and spore allergies, improve the system. It’s additional vital result for polygenic disorder. Sweet tea, a totally natural inexperienced product, the scientific name is genus Rubus Suavissmus S. Lee, may be a new item of family Rosaceae genus Rubus growth within the altitude of 2000 meters in Guangxi Province. There is no chemical residues, no pollution, no serious metal pollution, high sweetness with health functions of rare wild plants.

Prevention of vessel diseases: Sweet tea flavonoids facilitate to strengthen capillaries, anti-oxidation, lowering pressure.

Lowering blood macromolecule and blood sugar: Sweet Tea rubusoside will scale back bodily fluid TC (total cholesterol), TG (triglycerides) and increase HDL-C (high density lipoprotein), considerably scale back high glucose evoked by the STZ (alloxan). Enhancement resistance, anti-aging: Sweet tea polyphones and Se will eliminate harmful free radicals, amendment the direction of substance metabolism, scale back the aerobic harm of plasma membrane and elements of human cells, and enhance the body resistance, so to delay the person’s life.

Significant anti-allergy: It’s fount that rubusoside (sweet tea glycosides 5-8%) and tannic acid hydrolytic within sweet tea square measure anti-allergic active substance, ordinarily employed in Japan because the use of anti-pollen allergic reaction.

Different flavors of Sweet tea:

•Original flavor

•Mint flavor

•Lemon flavor

•Applicable People: everybody who likes tea.

Suggested use: place the teabag in stewed 150-200ml water; let it indicate 2-3 minutes then style it, one teabag every time.1-4 teabags daily.

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