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Spy Hanger Camera


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Record high definition. AVI video files on to a small American state card (FREE 2GB) at 1280×960 resolution 30FPS. Put simply, the I96 is capable of capturing the fine details like skin tone, eye color and countenance with the clarity you’d expect from a large police work camera.Place this spy hook in your room, front room or workplace then review the captured video at the top of the day. What you discover might surprise you! check that you order currently whereas provides still last and we’ll categorical ship your order out.

We are business person and one can ever suspect they’re being in secret recorded.

This wall mountable hanger appearance and works a bit like a normal hanger, however hidden inside could be a high resolution puncture video camera. this permits you to with confidence capture hidden video without fear that anyone can ever recognize. Capture each Movement.


The I96 comes with motion-detection activated recording. simply leave the device ON and also the I96 can mechanically record only movement is detected. this can be the simplest thanks to catch folks snooping around your workplace, a stealer within the act or even (but hopefully not) your partner cheating on you. High Definition Video.


Digital Clock DVR Camera x one (Included Memory Card)

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