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Spectacles with Camera


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Spectacles with Camera

1.        Main Features: video & sound recording, photos taking, USB drive, plain glass spectacles;

2.        USB: 2.0(Hs)

3.        Power Duration: 2-3 hours

4.        Recharging time: one hour

5.        External Memory: small American state Card 2-8GB

6.        Resolution of Video: AVI ,1280*720,30fps

7.        Resolution of Photo: JPEG, 2560*1920                           

8.        Quality film Lens from complete manufacturers

9.        Power consumption: three.7V /320mAh

10.    Player: Quicktime, Real player

11.    Used for taking proof, investigation, video amusement, glasses etc.
If you wish to examine the planet through the eyes of your take a look at person, our spectacles camera is that the tool you would like. Consisting of a combine of glasses with a intrinsic  camera, it permits your take a look at participant to maneuver around freely. A spectacles camera is that the good answer for work shopper, navigation, or automobile driving behavior.

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