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Solar Mobile Charger Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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Solar Mobile Charger


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Solar panel: PET laminated

Fabric (waterproof): PVC

Accessories: ten connectors: Lenovo, HP, Dell, Samsung, Haier, Asus, SONI, Acer, IBM, Toshiba. (we will add connectors the special for you, if you would like.)

Output interface: DC5521mm

Extend Size: 1180*380*5mm

Foldable Size: 360*170*65mm

Weight: 1.5KG

Color: any color(Camoflague/Green/Pink etc.)

Color of material material, we are able to go with your specific demand.

Solar Panel: 36W

Output: 18V*2A

High efficiency: 

Riya 26 days ago

I am glad to work with Wholesalemart

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