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Smartphone Led Flash


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The portable multifunctional mini flashlight integrated 16 LED bulbs.

The portable multifunctional mini flashlight integrated 16 LED bulbs.

it may use the unfastened utility iblazr with iOS, Android and WP8 smartphones and tablet computer systems for synchronous connection.

Can inside the case of insufficient light pictures, effect is top notch.

it's far self-timer great add-ons.

offer 3 powerful lights version to fulfill the desires of the one of a kind eventualities.

The integrated rechargeable battery, will not be ate up energy of the smart telephone.

A picture/video mode.

could make independent lights as auxiliary lamp (want now not related to a phone or other tool).





Weight : 15 g

Battery electricity : 200mAh

The battery in the flash has functionality to bypass 500 cycles, just like the cellphone.

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