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Selefi Stick


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Selefi Stick

PLEASE NOTE - THIS VERSION OF THE SELFIE STICK DOES NOT keep company with A REMOTE: If you select to shop for the selfie stick while not a far off, you can use the self timer on your phone to delay taking the icon whereas you get in position. If your phone does not have this feature, you can transfer a free app via google play or the Apple store.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE EXTENSION 11" - 40": modify the length of the selfie stick to get the right shot. Use a short length for intimate shots and a extended length to cram in additional people or background.
UNIVERSAL PHONE HOLDER SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE DEVICES: You will use the universal phone holder for any device up to three.25" in width.
180 DEGREE ADJUSTABLE HEAD: The mount at the prime of the selfie stick is positioned at any purpose through a one hundred eighty degree arc, allowing you to modify the position in step with the precise shot you're taking.
LIGHT AND COMPACT - can simply work IN YOUR HANDBAG: Ideal for a spontaneous selfie - at solely 11" long once backward, this stick will work handily into any tiny bag.

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