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Sampoorna Pooja Kit


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Holy Gangajal of Haridwar is stuffed in tiny metal kalash (three inches peak) eleven laxmi pooja Teracotta Idol Diyas fantastically painted and adorned Floating Lotus these floating lotus flora square measure invented from light, versatile sturdy foam plastic Lotus pads) and waterproof fabric Lotus plants)



Sampoorna  Pooja Kit

Deliver this pious Diwali impede with sampoorna pooja package in a very one-of-a-type sempstress fiber receptacle in your steeply-priced ones to form this opposition further unforgettable Pooja fiber receptacle comes with a entire Pooja kit containing all wants needed for Diwali Pooja like Ganga Jal , Roli, (Akshat) , Chawal , tiny mini Coconut, Sindoor, wood Powder, Haldi Powder ,Kalava or Mauli, Janeu (Sacred Thread), Dhoop Stick , natural resin (Kapoor), Betel Nut ,Elaichi, Mishri, incense ( Agarbatti ), natural Itra, eleven drawn butter lordotic Cotton Buds, Laxmi Ganapati Vastra ( Silk with Gota ) , combine Of Garland and Diwali Pooja Patrika Laxmi Ganapati Idols of Laxmi Ganapati is created from soil (Teracotta Idol) painted specially artificial for diwali pooja Vastra N Garland The vastra's ( Silk with Gota ) and combine of garland could also be worn and removed inner a second. 

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