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Roller Slider


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Roller Slider

New ROLLER SLIDE four Wheel Abdominal Exercise Fitness Home gymnasium instrumentation.

4 Wheel vogue for enlarged Stability.

Reduce Your area.

Burn Off Excess Calories

The "Roller Slide" has associate innovative vogue, pretty look and is easy to use. 

By creating use of the resistance created on the rebound of the spring, Roller Slide rebounds to the first place once you exert all of your strength to push it forward to its limiting position. And by creating it withdraw and forth everywhere once more and every one all over again, you'll be ready to stretch and moderately move your arms, legs and each a district of the complete body.

This is a perfect body-building instrumentality for moving muscles and joints and collectively for reducing weight. If you utilize it for with reference to associate hour day by day, your weight can prune quickly!

Roller Slide square measure attending to be utilized in fully fully totally different places and in varied postures. it's acceptable for each young and up up to now, notably for those wanting to slenderize quickly!

It is very ideal for losing weight and body building, the foremost effective device if you wish to urge fit!

Includes user manual and sample exercises.


To assemble, insert the bar into the rotation shaft, displace the copper pin by employing a finger, and place it at intervals the gap of the rotation shaft

Includes a mat for knees and directions with varied exercises
Roller slide
Material: Plastic, steel
Slim, tone, and firm your abdominal muscles with a compact roller slide
Fitness Goal: thin
Fitness Goal: Strengthen Core
Fitness Goal: Enhance Flexibility
Product Type: Ab Roller

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