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Rainbow Cup


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Rainbow Cup

Enjoy your low together with your honey or friends with vi Pack Rainbow Cup and Picnic Set. Purposeful none the less sweet, it adds a little bit of color to your mornings and cheeriness in your afternoon break. It conjointly emphasizes your temperament and helps you to opt for that color to use that suits your mood, nice for the house, for the youngsters and for picnics.

•The cups square measure latched within the rack and might be taken out simply by pressing the buttons on either side to open the lid. They are designed for convenience, keeping your room nice and neat.

•6 Pack Rainbow Cup and Picnic Set

•With sensible and applied science style to avoid wasting area

•Mix and match with different room utensils and tools

•Easy to hold once the lid is latched to the steel bar

•Six mugs together set, in six completely different colors (white, pink, apple inexperienced, yellow, sky blue, and red).

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