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Quit Addiction Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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Quit Addiction


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Quit Addiction is an efficient Ayurvedic medication to urge obviate any reasonably habituation. There unit numerous substance abuses that cause an enormous hurt within the frame, that sometimes don’t seem to be caught after you begin involving, however step by step notice folks established from numerous diseases whereas they got obsessed with alcohol, drugs, smoking and different substances. This addiction sustenance will increase the danger of cancers of the mouth, esophagus, pharynx, and larynx, liver in men and of carcinoma in girls as per analysis. Benefits of Quit addiction Powder: It is 100% seasoned and pure with having no facet effects the least bit. It is safe and effective Easy to use. Need not follow any special prescription for mistreatment this medication. 

Herbs: seventeen herbs of Quit Addiction are: Gulbanafsha, Nishoth, Vidarikand, Giloe, Nagkesar, Kutki, Kalmegh, Bhringraj, Kasni, Barhmi, Bhuiamla, Amla, Harar kali, Laung, Arjun, Neem, Punarna.

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