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Portable Electric Lunch Box


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Portable Electric Lunch Box

Lunch box with 3 Plastic Containers and insulated cowl

Containers are microwave and white goods safe.

Leak proof containers and canopy

Containers are created out of top quality polypropene.

Size of cover- nine.5”x 5.75” size of containers- four.25”x2.3”. Sizes are approx.

We are commerce and provision moveable electrical Lunch Box and luxuriate in piping hot food anyplace. This modern and sensible moveable electrical Lunch Box warms food inside ten mins! This warm temperature resistant, energy saving and safe box is simple to hold and consumes solely forty watts of power. Its 2 containers whose material is certified by agency. To use the merchandise take away rubber bubble on prime of the lunch box for ventilation purpose. Switch it on ten minutes before lunch. It’s better to not immerse it in water; but, you'll be able to wash it directly from outside, once closing the plug cap tightly.

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