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Paint Zoom Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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Paint Zoom


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Applies seven.61 gallons per hour for quick, straightforward and best coverage. Sprays endlessly and does not would like maintenance constitutional spray tip designed for masterful coverage once exploitation latex and oil paints and stains. Adjustable spherical, horizontal and vertical constitutional 3-way spray management for 100% coverage.

•Fourteen.5 PSI for negligible overspray and superior management

•Merely apply latex and paint, stains, oils, lacquers

•Easy-to-clean vogue

•Rinse utterly with water

•Masterful metal 2-finger trigger with constitutional stop feature for easy spray management and consistent coverage

•Low maintenance

•No filter to clean or replace

•Created from durable and easy-to-clean polymers and metal

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