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Nano Fabric Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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Nano Fabric


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Odour management

Outperforms standard cloth treatments

Provides long protection

We offer nano cloth in India. Nano materials, that area unit cloth factory-made exploitation nanoparticle so enhance your consumer goods. There’s a skinny layer of flowers of zinc nano particles employed in the material that gives higher protection from ultraviolet radiation. In a number of the garments the nano particles area unit within the kind of very little hairs or whiskers that helps in disgusting water and different materials thence build the garments stain-resistant.

 The main options of nano materials are:

Outperforms standard cloth treatments

Provides long protection

Extends the lifetime of the material Retains fabric’s natural softness

Allows cloth to breathe naturally

Dry Inside

Static Elimination

Coolest comfort. Resist stains

Mosquito Repellent

Sweat Resistant

Improves blood circulation

Protect from harmful extremist violet rays

Nano materials will resist the stains of: Wine, Juice, Coffee, Tea, and dressing

 Instructions for best performance of Nano materials:

Use Machine washes heat. 

No bleach Use smart rinse to get rid of left over detergent/impurities. 

No cloth chemical counseled. 

Wash dark material singly. Wash with like colors.

Dry medium for min. Forty five min/temp. 155. F. For best performances, please make sure that the material is dried totally and removed promptly.

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