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Mini Washing Machine Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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Mini Washing Machine


Availability: In stock


Power: 130w


Net weight: five kilogram

Why obtain a conveyable washer if you reside in associate lodging or tiny house with no washer-dryer hookups.

Suitable for light-weight laundry. 

Best suited to scrub tiny things. 

It’s smart for private laundry, baby garments, home use, college, workplace and etc. laundry machines square measure required in most flats and houses since they’ll build your home life quite bit easier most homes have some.


Power: 130w

Voltage: 220-240v~/50-60hz

Net weight: five kilogram

Gross weight: six kilogram

Dimension: 385x345x485xmm

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