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Magic Mop


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Now welcome your guests to a sparkling straighten with this mop from Spark Mate Magic. This mop comes with a bucket and 4 cleansing concentrates for lavatory, floor, glass and bathroom. Being equipped with anti-skid feature, it leaves the surface free from scratches. To form things less complicated, it's conjointly supplied with a bucket that ensures automotive vehicle voidance. With its 360 degree rotation, this mop bends to succeed in tight areas so you do not have to! Actually an entire answer for those tedious cleansing chores you’ve forever messed with. 

Automatic mop cleansing with no battery, no electricity and no pedal needed.

Easy to use. Anyone within the house will use it - even kids.

High quality small fibers utilized in mop head for nice permeableness.

No water run throughout cleansing and squeeze.

Powerful laundry and powerful spinning mechanism.

Durable and long lasting.

Rod is created of chrome steel and canopy is created of sturdy plastic.

Can be used beneath the bed, chair and lounge.

Strong mop holder will be revolved 360 degrees.

Cleaning Concentrate capability

Floor Cleaner Concentrate - 200ml

Glass Cleaner Concentrate - two hundred milliliter

Toilet Cleaner Concentrate - two hundred milliliter

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