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Led Light Bulb Manufacturer


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Led Light Bulb Manufacturer

Our company is one among the well-liked decisions of our shoppers for proffering LED Bulb that's offered at cheap rates. that includes metal die casting casing, the proffered set of bulbs is factory-made in adherence to the planned business tips. wide employed in homes, hotels and malls, these light-weight and simple to put in bulbs are unbreakable and emit glorious lighting.

Aluminium die casting
Non breakable
Durable end standards
Easy to put in
Fine end

Comparison with CFL bulbs:

3 watt compared to ten watt  bulb
5 watt compared to fifteen watt  bulb
7 watt compared to twenty six watt  bulb
10 watt compared to thirty six watt  bulb


Operating Voltage in AC power: 230 v single part fifty cps
Voltage defective functions protection: four hundred potential unit to one hundred fifty potential unit

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We garentee to give the best price . We Supply all over India .

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