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Karela Juice


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Karela Juice

Karela is accepted Ayurvedic herb to control glucose level.  juice is extracted with distinctive square measure of technology from naturally growing chemical free mountain chain wild Karela fruit and leaves made in bovine hypoglycaemic agent like gaurmrin and alternative medicinally necessary parts. juice is additionally enriched with Jamun seed extract to create it simpler for polygenic disease.

Karela Jamun juice often is effective for polygenic disease, blood dyscrasia, Piles, abdomen worms, lowering of blood sterol, Constipation, Antimicrobial acidity, Immunity improvement.

It helps in easier digestion of food because it promotes secretion of biological process enzymes.

It is additionally helpful in helpful in bound stools and illness like hemorrhoids, fissures and fistulas.

It helps in destroying worms gift in gastro viscus tract.

It helps in purifying blood and helps US from infection from organism and toxins that square measure created by there presence.

It is terribly usually utilized in skin diseases particularly it finds

It application in inflammatory disease and black spots on face.

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