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Intex Single Bed Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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Intex Single Bed


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We offer Intex Single Air Bed. The offered intex single air bed are sourced from the reliable vendors of the industry

Who manufacture these by making use of quality assured raw material with the assistance of experts.

One gas mouth for out a INTEX Air Bed-(68950) 191*76*22CM (length*width*height)

The use of super-strong carbon thermal polymerization toughening PVC, plant on the surface with corduroy polymer, use the high-class process of the world

Strict pressure experiment

Reasonable design: beautiful style and comfortable sleeping condition.

Abrasion and low temperature resistant, the bed can put on the floor directly

Based on “ergonomic” design principle, the use of air buoyancy can even achieve beds and closely aligned with the human body, cervical, lumbar spine and wrist no longer suspended.

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