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Inflatable Air Sofa Bed Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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Inflatable Air Sofa Bed


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This double flocked air bed lounge chair is out there in 3 completely different colors to embellish up your trendy home or for handy use once traveling with the family. Relax outdoors or within during this snug inflate arm chair which may even be used as a double air bed for inhabitant or as a guest bed. This product is out there in 3 different funky fun colors:

Inflated dimensions approx 30cm (width) x 15cm (height) x 40cm (depth)

The flocked armchair bed comes with a sidewinder electrical pump associated an emergency repair patch.

This top quality air bed will be folded up to make a coffee level arm chair with foot rest or instead the next raised arm chair with the bottom of the bed folded beneath for further height and support.

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