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IGT Gas Safety Device Cum Regulator Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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IGT Gas Safety Device Cum Regulator


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-  Excess Flow Valve 

-  Advance Lock System 

-  Dual Gas Sealed Technology

Needed DEALERS CONTACT  for the wellbeing of regular man in their homes, Life is has thought of its recently propelled item Gas Safety Device (GSD) or Gas Fuse as it is normally known outside. What are the profits?

1) Excess Flow Valve

2) Advance Lock System

3) Dual Gas Sealed Technology

4) Inlet Valve

5) If Gas Pipe is cut, blaze, harm, spillage then it is stop naturally by (Excess Flow Safety Device)

6) Get best quality in Reliable Price

7)  MADE US. In Worldwide 90 Country have a Sales and merchant Partner. Leak and Level Indicator

Riya 26 days ago

I am glad to work with Wholesalemart

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