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IGT Gas Safety


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- Advance lock system

- Dual gas sealed technology

- Leak and level indicator 

- Inlet valve

We are IGT Gas Safety Device Importer and athorized company in India. IGT Gas Safety Have been lunched by the one of Danmark company after anlaysising for a many years. Considering the dire would like of a security device for domestic LPG cylinder system for the protection of individual in their homes, we've got fresh launched product Home Gas safety from house of Safety Gas India for safety from hearth accident.

In the event of medium or significant leak from the LPG hose or the system downstream of the house Gas safety, it utterly shuts off the gas flow. This helps in preventing any hazard because of escape of LPG.

The Home Gas safety is supplied with a pressure indicator which is able to show an occasional level indication within the event the LPG within the cylinder is on the brink of get end.

In case of terribly minor leaks, the house Gas safety will facilitate in verificatory the leakages within the system.


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