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IGT Gas Regulator Device Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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IGT Gas Regulator Device


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1) Excess Flow Valve

2) Advance Lock System

3) Twin Gas Sealed Technology

LPG Safety Device-IGT complete 1st time lunch in Bharat, Denis Gov. Approved Regulator semen gas device.

Gas Pressure Indicator motorcar Shut Off Facility For ancient Gas cut off” with adv feature than the opposite Gas device among the Indian Market. motorcar wake AN finish Gas device is that the simplest innovative gas safety product that you {simply that you just} simply have ever utilized in your kitchen might be a well created product that lasts and lasts and affirmative one can say kitchen/home is much safer presently with on the system.

1) Excess Flow Valve

2) Advance Lock System

3) twin Gas Sealed Technology

4) water Valve

5) If Gas Pipe is cut, fire, damage, outflow then it's stop mechanically by (Excess Flow Safety Device)

6) Get very best quality in Reliable value

7) a pair of Million monetary unit Product insurance

8) five Year Replacement guarantee

9) created BY European customary Quality EN12864

10) In Worldwide ninety Country have a Sales and distributor Partner

11) Leak and Level Indicator

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