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Enlarge Screen


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enlarge screen

Product modeling easy, generous, light weight, smooth to hold, appropriate for all kinds of occasions to use-indoor,tenting,tour,entertainment, etc..

-the use of excessive definition optical generation, with out energy supply, store price and power, a incredible environmental protection.

-specifically, watching the 3D mobile cellphone movie, more three-diamensional impact! it can also be used as a traditional magnifying glass to apply. extra appropriate for the aged to read a e book/news at the net for the enlarged vicinity.

-extra critical: defend your eyes to avoid prolonged viewing display screen harm your eyesight. reduce eyes' fatigue for the duration of looking films on the telephone, and stinging eyes and tears phenomenon.

-mobile amplification display as surrounding cellular cellphone add-ons or pormotional gifts, is currently inside the marketplace maximum has one of the creative product competitiveness.

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