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Easy feet bath


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The distinctive style of the straightforward Feet not solely cleans however conjointly massages and exfoliates feet and between the toes. Bring the foot spa expertise home and treat yourself to a foot massage whenever you would like while not having to accept somebody else. With suction cup hooked up to its base it grips to baths and showers.


Product Details:

Easy feet bath

Minimum Order Quantity             50 Piece

Product Description:

NOW FORGET BENDING AND DIRTY FEET / FEET FINGERS - ONE resolution FOR ALL - POUR SHAMPOO AND CLEAN YOUR FEET simply - LATEST LAUNCH IN Asian nation. Others: straightforward Feet are nice for feet of all ages, excellent for family use. This physiotherapist slipper is employed to scrub and message your feet from heel to toe, providing you with clean and swish feet. cleanup and massaging, not a lot of bending to scrub your feet. Slipper form, cheap style and convenient handling. Suction cups at rock bottom adhere to floor and hold it in situ. Swish heels with inherent stone, this stone is classic. Merely clean your foot by slithering it in and out. It’s like obtaining a pedicure everyday bending to scrub your feet will typically be difficult. 

Riya 26 days ago

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