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Digital USB Slim Tower Fan


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Tower Fan (with ion function)

(1) mini size: 33*9*10cm

(2)Unit weight?300g

Tower Fan (with ion function)

(1) mini size: 33*9*10cm

(2)Unit weight?300g

(3) 2.5W, 3 speeds,

(4) USB reference to portable computer

(5) ion perform

Table Fan Specification:

1) Use by USB line, you'll be able to use it after you play laptop {computer|portable computer} or computer

2) Power: a pair of.5W

3) Material: ABS

4) Plug the USB line(included) into the fan Associate in Nursingd into an portable computer USB interface

5) Place the fan on a dry, level surface

6) Press the ability button to show on or shut off it

7) With three speeds, low, medium and high, press the speed to alter. Associate in Nursing junction rectifier light-weight can show this speed

8) With negatives particle perform

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