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Cool Eye Mask Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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Cool Eye Mask


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Cool Eye Mask:

We area unit a sure name engaged in giving a large vary of Cool half mask. Non allergic, these masks facilitate in relieving eye stress at intervals minutes and lend additional life to eye sight. additionally to the current, once used on forehead, relieves headache and fever. the attention mask we provide additionally allows sound sleep and rejuvenates eyes to the fullest.

Aloe Vera and gel based mostly, our masks area unit utilized in the subsequent manner:

Cool eyes mask are often applied on forehead

Store cool eye pad in hair-raiser of white goods for 10-15 minutes before use

Apply cool half mask fully covering your eyes

Keep it on eyes for minimum 15-30 minutes with eyes closed

Eyes get relaxed & rejuvenated

Regular use reduces wrinkle & dark circles round the eyes

In today’s nerve-racking and feverish life style, provide yourself cool half mask for jiffy that may facilitate cut back your stress, wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes. No Chemicals, No allergic reaction and No facet Effects, Be assured, Relaxed and Rejuvenated. Compact and specially designed to suit each member of your family.


Protects your eyes

Reduces stress fashioned as a result of functioning on pc, looking at TV, pollution , late night sleep etc.

Regular use can facilitate cut back wrinkles and Dark circles around eyes, see the distinction in only twenty days

Relieves stress

No chemicals

No Allergy

No facet Effects

Apply cool mask on the eyes

Apply double every day

Great Utility item

Please scan rigorously directions written on the box for best results.

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