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Commercial Gas Safety Device Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Manufacturer and Wholesaler
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Commercial Gas Safety Device


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- Product liabality insurance

- Excess flow safety device

- Auto gas shut off system

- Eu(European Standered) certified

Commercial Gas Safety Device

We  are only one athorized company , provider of IGT business gas safety utilised in over eighty counties of the world and ar metallic element certified with ISO9001 certification. the merchandise comes with a insurance of two Million monetary unit from International Insurance co.

This contrivance will replace your traditional LPG regulator and incorporates a double safety since it will not return off even once the knob is on "off" mode until you press the facet button to Delaware clutch it. thus a pair of hundredth safety and simply just in case of excess gas flow once there is a serious discharge it will shut off ninety seven LPG supply to the system so saves life.

There is a gauge/meter connected to point the qty. of gas in your cylinder and you may do the leak check once mounting the regulator on to the cylinder as follows- discovered the IGT regulators bodily fluid gas safety and connect the tube to the stove. currently flip the knob of the regulator on and see the needle on the gauge to travel on to the inexperienced area of the gauge to point merely|that you just simply have enough amount of gas in your cylinder.

Keep this on for 5 min and watch the needle .If the needle does not change in these 5 min whereas not the stove being lighted then there is no discharge in your system


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