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Wholesalemart offers Yantra and Spritual Products in India

Spiritual Product

We are offering exclusive range of spiritual products with a finish touch and elegant looks. Our export team understands a client’s requirement and manufacture or customized a product according to their needs and demands.


Kawach help to protect from the evil eyes and negative energy. Kawach stand for divine happiness, mental and spiritual, satisfaction and prosperity. Nazar Raksha Kawach , Hanuman Kawach etc are the name of the products.


The yantra is largely a symbolic chart created on a special chart during a very special pattern. Many different type of yantra are available we also customize a yantra according to our clients requirements.

Dhan laxmi Yantra

Dhan laxmi yantra bring success and wealth. It helps to overcame from the finances problem, prosperity , fame, success and good luck. Her hand is always extended to bless peoples.

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

According to the Hindu believe Hunuman Chalisa Yantra helps to protect you from the all kinds of negative energy. The offered yantra is highly appreciated and acclaimed amongst our esteemed customers for their elegant looks and optimum quality.