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Car Travel Dining Tray


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Car Travel Dining Tray Auto Food Table Meal Desk Stand Drink Cup Holder

The receptacle area unit usually gathered once not be used.
Material: PP+TPR
Size: 255 metric long measure x150 metric long measure x 30mm
Colors: Beige

100% current and high quality. 
Car building,long-distance drive smart assistant. 
This Multifunctional receptacle is utilized as a automobile building table or a automobile Drink 
Holder throughout the travel. 
Multifunctional easy, notwithstanding what little space but free and pleasant. 
The automobile multifunctional receptacle is simple install and use. 
It makes use of automobile little space artfully. no matter things will place into its ash-bin of this product like snack, drink and fruit, etc, it's great! automobile encompassing will not be dirty. 
The receptacle are often gathered once not be used. 
Material: PP+TPR 
Colors: Beige 
Size: 255 metric long measure x150 metric long measure x 30mm

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