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Bio MST Silver Pendent


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Bio MST Silver Pendent

A feeling of calmness and peace of mind is felt by carrying this civil time Scalar Energy Pendant.

This pendant raises the vibrating frequency of the body effortlessly and connects a personal to their higher self.

Scalar Energy Pendant utilizes specialized natural philosophy, pure mathematics and vibration harnessing technologies

With the assistance of those technologies, power of the human body's bio-energy system is synergized and run with optimum performance

Known as chi, or force energy in some cultures, it runs through meridian points in our body

In modern world, Scalar Energy is needed to fight against the impact of harmful magnetic force waves

These harmful impacts could also be pain in low back (especially), neck, shoulder, muscle and joint stress, nervousness and dormancy

Mobile phone, computers, TV's, microwaves and different electrical devices have modified our fashion and have conjointly introduced United States of America to hazards of portable network and high voltage electrical network

Japan has devised solutions mistreatment "Scalar energy" to touch upon harmful facet effects of magnetic force waves, and square measure so, thought of an enormous in science & technology

Changed life vogue has restricted our physical activities and sports observe, that is that the reasons for diseases like blubber, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, coronary failure.

All these diseases have a negative impact on the blood circulation, needed to take care of physiological condition.

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