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Air- Sofa-Bag


Availability: In stock


Package Included:

1 x air bed couch

1 x couch pouch


Product Description:

Air- Sofa-Bag


Brand new & prime quality.

This is a cushty seat or couch, it does not want any tools, simply wave your hand and a few seconds may be a sleep bed.

The couch is massive and comfortable, it's simply deflated and keep in a very tiny package therefore you'll be able to take it anywhere!

You can use it in traveling, beach, garden so on.

It is the proper chum for all of your outside activities.

It may be taken to anyplace anytime notwithstanding for travel or leisure handily.

Ergonomic style.

You can use it as a settee or a bed.

Being full of air, it causes you to feel lighter.

When you select encampment, outside BBQ, or beach swimming, it's completely your best partner.



Please do not create circles once you inflate it once more wind, as a result of the bag is ciao that you simply are going to be simply tripped over by it.

Please do not climb on it to make sure its long period of time.

Please keep it aloof from fires, laborious objects or any sharp things.


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