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4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove


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one hundred % Indian make


size 64 cm Len * 50 cm Br

one hundred % Indian make


size 64 cm Len * 50 cm Br


Brass Burner

Brass has higher malleability than copper or zinc. The enormously low melting factor of brass and its flow characteristics, make it a fantastically clean material to cast.


Ignition Knob

Matt end smooth operating, robust knob bills for trouble free ignition.


Glass top cowl

tough toughened glass is flashed as a thick cowl, for safety, beauty & style. It comes with  fireplace proof film


Heavy body Weight

frame weight of our burners is heavier that regular providers of gas stoves.


Aesthetically beautiful

We make sure higher aesthetic seems in the whole range of burners provided.


chrome steel Drip Tray

Rust unfastened drip tray for smooth cleansing.


Multi route gas Inlet Nozzle



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